CRREM at the IV Workshop of the IEI (University of Alicante)

Our colleague Raúl Peréz (UA) presented the past 25th October in the IV Workshop of International Economy, organized by the Institute of International Economy, from the University of Alicante.

During the meeting, Prof. Pérez introduced the project and the challenges of the building sector in the decarbonization process.

Prof. Pérez presented the database construction process and the metodology used to estimate the possible pathways, according to the 1,5º objective.

The estimation process has been complex due to:

  • The heterogenity of the retrofit and the different investment.
  • The adaptation of the emissions evolution.
  • The stock has different attributes.
  • Uncertaint about the building sector growth.
  • The ‘complex’ composition of the portfolios.
  • The hard process to estimate with different databases.

The strategies proposed are:

  • Retrofit in the envelope
  • Temperature control by radiation
  • Compact buildings

The firsts estimations indicate the need of more than one retrofit, at least two times.

Here you can find the programme: IV Workshop – IEI (University of Alicante)


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